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#022 - Understanding CBT: How it can help with weight loss and anger management | Dr. Ryan Fuller

Published on: 7th March, 2023


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a form of psychotherapy that has become increasingly popular over the years for its effectiveness in treating a wide range of mental health disorders. CBT is an umbrella term used to understand a number of therapies. The two main forms are cognitive therapies - which examine how cognitions interplay with situations or triggers and emotions and lead to behaviors, and behavioral therapies - which focus on changing behavior patterns. In this conversation, we will delve deeper into CBT and how it can help with weight loss and anger management.

 3 Key Benefits for the Listeners:

1.     How CBT can assist in weight loss.

2.     You will learn how effective paced breathing can be as a relaxation technique.

3.     You will understand the connection between your environment, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

Please stick around until the end of the show if you want to hear why Dr Fuller thinks most people could benefit from a meditation practice.

 Understanding CBT:

CBT helps individuals understand the role of their environment, thinking, and feelings. These three factors drive our behaviours and by understanding them we can get a better handle of our behaviours. By identifying negative thought patterns and behaviors, individuals can develop techniques and tools to behave better over a long period of time. CBT provides individuals with the tools they need to be independent and to change their way of life for the better.

One of the greatest benefits of CBT is its focus on lifestyle change, which is the only way to achieve a sustainable transformation. By helping individuals understand their values and set goals in alignment with those values, CBT enables them to make decisions day to day that will help them achieve their long-term goals.

 Weight loss and CBT

Weight loss isn’t the hardest part. Getting people to lose weight and then keep it off is difficult. Making healthy choices is easy when individuals are at home and in control, but it becomes more challenging when they go out for dinner with friends after a stressful day, or during Thanksgiving or Christmas with family.

This is where CBT thrives. By teaching individuals how to make good decisions and behave in ways that will help them achieve their long-term goals, CBT helps them understand the role of their environment, thinking, and feelings in driving behaviors. With CBT, individuals learn to use techniques and tools to behave better over a long period of time, thus achieving sustainable weight loss.

Anger management and CBT

Anger is a common emotion that can cause problems in relationships, in the workplace, and in every aspect of life. CBT views all feelings as valid, including anger. Ryan, a CBT practitioner, believes that in CBT, there are times where individuals should embrace the feeling and other times where they should step in and change or modulate their feelings.

CBT can help individuals deal with anger by clarifying their morals, principles, and values. By ascertaining how thoughts and behaviors interplay with the anger they experience, individuals can determine whether their behaviors align with their values and morals.

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